Soulja Boy’s Coke Habit Exposed by Kat Stacks

If Pimp C were here, this sh*t would not be happening. Once
again, Kat Stacks caught another rapper with his pants down,
exposing said rapper’s alleged dirty laundry for the world. Soulja Boy is this week’s victim, his crimes being possessing a coke habit which keeps his little
soldier from standing at attention (||). 

Kat Stacks had a rendezvous with Soulja Boy recently at the
Intercontinental Buckhead (when they clearly should have been at the Motel 6)
and recorded their private get away together with her handy camera phone. We now
know that he might be snorting Coke and he can’t Crank Dat thang in the bedroom.
SMH [Necole]

The only people who’ll tell someone not to do cocaine are
most likely people who haven’t done cocaine. I think coke is one of greatest
joys of life if your lifestyle allows for you to indulge in it. Therefore, I
don’t have a real issue with DeAndre’s way of life. Soulja Boy’s a rich, young rapper with no day job that might require a piss
test when he slips off a ladder or other similar yet random work-related
mishaps. Entertainers can lead successful careers while under the influence of
llallo. Richard Pryor was okay funny. Michael Irvin caught a few passes in his
heyday. I wouldn’t recommend it for life but the young fellow can party with
powder as long as it’s conducive to his life as a megastar. It might also
explain why “Pretty Boy Swag” is a mind-numbingly boring song, but I digress. To
it all, Soulja Boy took to his Twitter, the modern day PR machine, and
gave the following short response.

Still, he didn’t deny being around this trick.

To his credit, there’s no incriminating evidence of SB
inhaling illicits in the video below. The only crime that I can see is that it’s
not hard to tell it is him just by looking @ the tats. Just tell me why oh why
would anyone get caught up with Kat Stacks after all the malarky she’s been
associated with since we first heard her name? Once we got Chippy D, I just knew this bitch’s fifteen minutes were up.
Another rapper takes the bait and now she’s back like herpes, her name
reappearing across the blogsphere. Rappers, sign a pact with each other and
include the ballers too. Vow to remove yourselves from her vicinity at all
costs. Do whatever it takes to stay the hell away from this skeezer. That’s the
only way we as a people will eliminate & overcome


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