Soulja Boy Is Still Going In On Fabolous, He Even Told Miss Info To “Shut Her Dumb A** Up”. When She Asked If He Would Go At 50 Cent. Fab Answers Back!

This Soulja Boy/Fabolous beef is getting hotter. Other people are getting dragged into it in the process..

During the last several hours as Soulja continues to send shots at Fab, Miss Info, DJ Drama and Wale have become a part of this Twitter spectacle

I been showing love since I got in the game now it’s f*ck these n*ggaz. I’m saying the truth from here on out. and this n*gga sucks. str8 up

I aint takin no mo sh*t. go spread the word. u f*ck boys want my name in yo mouth umma demolish yo a**. straight up. bow bow bow get ready

and you still a wack a** rapper boy I said it @myfabolouslife

you wack a** industry n*ggaz better startin showin respect with yo corny a** bars boy @myfabolouslife

you are the prime example of an “industry n*gga” @myfabolouslife know that boy. know that. with ur weak a** raps ok im done. lame a** n*gga

Miss Info sent out a tweet wondering if Soulja would get at 50 Cent for poking fun at him about the Kat Stacks situation.

She tweeted: “i cant wait for @Souljaboy to confront @50cent for making fun of his KatCoke-Gate too!….that’s gonna happen, right?

Soulja shot right back at her.

now go post that on stupid a** blog @Missinfo

DJ Drama wondered if it was really Soulja Boy sending out the tweets.

@DJDRAMA yea this me big bro, f*ck that n*gga fab. he think he can bully and talk sh*t cuz im young umma show this n*gga. i’m read

Finally Fab started to answer back.

It’s getting super ugly.


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