Matt Barnes Arrested For Domestic Violence

LA Lakers Baller & Basketball Wives star Matt Barnes has found himself in some trouble yet again. He was booked in a Sacramento County jail last night on a domestic violence felony charge.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Matt Barnes and a woman “who lived with him” and “with whom he had a dating relationship” got into some sort of confrontation yesterday afternoon. The woman attempted to call 911 before the call was disconnected. The operators heard the two struggling and cops were sent to the residence.  Both parties had physical injuries but cops determined Matt Barnes to be the primary aggressor and arrested him. He was released on $50,000 bond and is due in court on Monday.

I think it’s almost safe to assume the other party was his fiance Gloria Govan…if not..yikes

…the plot thickens..

His neck is marked up pretty bad.

Between Royce Reed and her baby’s father issues and Matt Barnes and his drama, VH1′s new Basketball Wives season would be full of drama if the cameras were around to capture it all.

Source via Iam_Beejay


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