“While Rihanna rocked the house on Sunday night at the Video Music Awards — her opening act with Eminem was voted best performance by MTV viewers — her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, sulked in a corner at Veranda nightclub in the West Village. “He looked lifeless,” a witness said. “He barely spoke to anyone and refused to take pictures with fans.”
The snitch also claims C.Breezy was given two free bottles of vodka at the club, stayed for two hours and didn’t leave a tip.
Really Chris…no tip?! Why do most celebrities insist on being cheap when they got all that guap?!



  1. Cassia says:

    And so what if he didn’t tip nobody never told the people and them to give him anyting free that is them loss and to me Drake was the best vma performer not rihanna and eminem. Rihanna looked and sounded terrible. Just maybe chris was having a bad day it happens to all of us the boy just was not in the mode. U people cann’t get vex for that. If he was in a good mode he might of left a tip. love you chris

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