Scarface & Beanie Sigel Doing An Album Together

If the tweets weren’t news enough, footage of Houston legend Scarface officially announcing an upcoming joint effort with State Property’s Beanie Sigel has surfaced.

With the new interview footage currently circulating online, Beans is shown in-studio as Face Mob makes the announcement.

“Man, Beans is a f*cking class act, man,” Scarface said in an interview. “I ain’t heard nobody f*cking with him, man. He’s a f*cking genius, dude. We’re got a relationship outside of f*cking radio or whatever the f*ck is going on. That’s my partner, though. I can’t wait for this sh*t, man. Me and beans is doing some easy sh*t right now. Separate solo acts, you know, but eventually we’re gonna double back and do that Mac & Brad sh*t, you know. I just wanted to break that news on XM, Shade 45, I f*cking with it.” (Shade 45)

Last week, Shade 45 host DJ Statik Selektah hinted at the news.

“Man, i was just on the radio with Beanie Sigel & Scarface announcing they are doing an album…. Mac N Brad album coming…. #HipHopMoment,” DJ Statik Selektah tweeted March 29th.

“Shout the homie @djkhaled. Webster hall poppin. I see u @youngsavv” (Statik Selketah’s Twitter)

Scarface also confirmed plans to put out a Mac & Brad-titled joint LP.

“Follow the real beanie @BeanieSigelSP Mac and Brad comin soon……,” he tweeted Friday morning. (Scarface’s Twitter)

A couple years ago, Texas rapper Devin the Dude talked to SOHH about the fellow Houston legend’s greatness.

“He never left [rap], so he’s not coming back from nowhere man, he’s always been musically inclined and as long as there’s some musical buttons around or a guitar or a piano or anything. I believe that’s what he’s always gonna be doing because he’s very talented in those areas. He can play the bass, he can play the piano and he can rap and he knows choruses and melodies and everything. I don’t think he’s gonna quit anytime soon. I think the fans need him and the people need him to continue doing what he’s been doing and let him know how genuine he is to hip-hop and how he can help other people mold their careers around what he’s doing. I don’t think he’s gonna be going anywhere any time soon.” (SOHH)


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