Ashton Kutcher Dumps Rihanna?

Ashton Kutcher, 34 is furious that Rihanna, 24 was spotted at his L.A. home just before midnight on March 20 — and then seen leaving about four hours later.

“He just can’t believe it,” an insider tells OK!. As soon as the news broke, he called her and told her it was over, saying, ‘I can’t trust you.”

In fact, Ashton was adamant about keeping their hookup under wraps.

“When Rihanna arrives at his house she didn’t tell him she’d been photographed by paparazzi,” says the insider. “He was very specific that she check to make sure she wasn’t being followed, and the way he sees it, she either screwed up or — even worse — tipped the photographers off herself.”

And that is something Rihanna denies. “She was super-offended when Ashton suggested it,” says the insider. “She went off on him and told him she suspected him of calling the press. The way she sees it, he has more to gain from the fling than she does.”

While the insider says that Rihanna “couldn’t care less” and thinks “he gets what he deserves,” Ashton is fuming.

“He’s struggling with a terrible rep in Hollywood, and his brazen level of insensitivity toward Demi has only made it worse,” says the insider. “He got a stern warning from his Two and a Half Men bosses, who don’t want another Charlie Sheen on their hands.”

“It took him ages to agree to meet up with Rihanna because he was afraid of all the attention it would bring,” says the insider.

Apparently his fears have come to fruition. After a relatively the good times have stopped rollin’:

“For a while they were very top-secret about it. It was supposed to be a fun, hot hookup. Now Ashton’s told Rihanna he doesn’t want anything to do with her,” says the insider!

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