Man Arrested For Having Sex With Teddy Bear

For the fourth time in two years, a Cincinnati man was arrested for masturbating in public, with a teddy bear. Chris Marshall was cited Wednesday for disorderly conduct after he was caught having sex with the stuffed animal in a public alley, the Smoking Gun reported.

Employees of the Elm Street Health Clinic spotted him and called police, WKRC Cincinnati reported.

The 28-year-old has three prior convictions for public indecency and disorderly conduct involving a teddy bear, court records show. It’s unknown whether the same bear was used each time.

The first offense was in February, 2010. Marshall confessed to “engaging in masturbation with a teddy bear in a men’s bathroom,” Hamilton County Municipal Court records show.

Nine months later he was arrested again, for knowingly engaging in the indecent act, which officials said had been “an ongoing problem,” according to court records.

Nine months after that, in August 2011, he was charged with the same offense, this time in “a place where minors were likely to be present,” records show.

Marshall served light jail sentences and paid small fines for the misdemeanor crimes, the Smoking Gun reported.


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