Here we go….you already know Ms DotCom herself, Tamar Braxton is really not one to hold back how she feels. Insert shenanigans-

If you didn’t know, Tamar is really good friends with Toya, Memphitz’s wife. During the premiere episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, K. Michelle accused an ex-manager/ex-boyfriend of physically abusing her. K. Michelle never said his name on the show, but people put the puzzle together very quickly.

During the show’s premiere, Tamar tweeted, “Just let the girl live her fairytale.” A few days passed andK. Michelle did an interview with TT Torrez and said she’s from Memphis and will jump gates on Tamar. She said, “The Muppet needs to have several seats.”

Tamar feels she was being threatened and wants a “Cease and Desist” order placed on K. Michelle. She maintains that she was talking about Toya when she mentioned a fairytale, as her and husband Memphitz were in Paris celebrating their 1 year anniversary.

A mess.

Peep the interview that has Tamar’s panties all in a bunch.

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