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2 Chainz Tribute Concert/Rap & R&b Contest!

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Nicki Minaj Adidas Commercial


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Tells How She Feels

Egypt interviews Love And Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Mimi Faust. During the interview she gave the inclination that she has moved on from Stevie once and for all. She also claims she gave him back the house because she doesn’t want anything that is tied to him. Also, find out why she’s not really feeling Karlie Redd anymore…

Egypt: I’ve watched many reality shows, but you are honestly the first cast member that I’ve prayed for. I pray for you because I’ve been there.

MiMi: Yea it hasn’t been easy. I think when I first agreed to do this show, everything just happened so fast. I didn’t have time to think about it or make any type of plans or preparations. I was told about it from my girlfriend Hannah on a Monday and on Wednesday was chosen to do the show.

Egypt: You guys are still taping the show?

Mimi: We’re still taping, yes.

Egypt: Now when I saw you at Frank Ski’s restaurant during the “Love & Hip Hop” premiere, I had no idea you guys had not yet viewed the show. So I watched your face when you found out on camera that Joseline said she was having a thing with him, that she was in love with him. How did that feel in the middle of a room with people and why do it?

Mimi: Um, I think Joseline she just says whatever out of her mouth with no regard and I mean… (pauses and gets emotional)

Egypt: Can I give you a hug? No seriously. I know everybody’s talking Love & Hip Hop but I feel a connection to you and I’m going to tell you why. I was with a man once who had such a hold on me I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I loved him more than I loved myself. People tried to shake me, they tried to smack me, my momma prayed for me and it was one day when I woke up- I had to wake up and realize this is not me. I want me back.( Ladies hug for a period of time) Now listen. It’s being played out on tv and for a lot of people it’s entertainment, but it’s also your real life. There were a lot of questions when people knew you were coming on the show, like how long were you guys really dating? I heard you say 15 years on tv.

Mimi: I want to clear this up. I’ve known him for 15 years. We have dated off and on. I have not been with Stevie straight for 15 years. I was absolutely not with Stevie when he was with Eve. I wasn’t with Stevie when he was with AlexWhoopi Goldberg’s daughter. I was not with Stevie when he was in any other relationship. So I’ve known Stevie for 15 years and we’ve dated off and on but for the past 3.5/4 years we have been together.

Egypt: And you have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter together. I just saw the pictures of her. Oh my Godyou just want to eat her up. Do you have an understanding now that you’re supposed to be exclusive?

Mimi: Um, understanding? Um, no.

Egypt: Ok. What is it about this man? Just keep it real. What is it about him that has these women going crazy? Because it’s not the singing- what is it? Is it the… pow pow

Mimi: If you watch the first episode I clearly stated I have never met a… that has made me do cartwheels. I clearly said that in the first episode. What I think what it is for me the connection that him and I had and also I’m just flat out he lies to me a lot. I mean that’s just the bottom line. He’ll say one thing to me and he’ll say one thing to her or whoever else but and im not with him when he’s out with anyone else. I only know what goes on when we’re together.

Egypt: Most of us have either been there or have been there, where we love someone so much they tell us the right things we wanna hear. They lie to us just enough for us to say okay and sleep at night. But now you’ve seen it on tv. What has changed now that you actually see it for what it is.

Mimi: A lot has changed. You guys, when you’re in a relationship and things happen, it’s a process of getting out. One thing will happen and you just don’t leave your family because one thing happened. So it’s definitely a process of a transition and process stage that you go through so that’s what I’m going through right now.

Egypt: Is it that you want to keep your family together? I know you have a two-year-old.
Mimi: I would love to keep my family together. But at this point I don’t see that happening so I’m willing to just let this do what it do.

For the full interview, head over to Egypt Said So!

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